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First impressions are lasting impressions. You will want to make sure the buyer s looking at your home are left with the best possible impression.
  • Exterior

    Buying a home is first and foremost an emotional commitment, especially for first-time home buyers. You may have a long list of sound reasons your home is a good investment, but a buyer is usually reacting emotionally to what he or she is seeing. Knowing this, you can use a buyer's emotions to your advantage.

  • Interior

    Ensure things are well-lit with as much natural light as possible, or strategically-placed lamps throughout the home. Adding mirrors can help with light play as well, and make rooms feel more open.

  • Extra Care

    Try rearranging your furniture slightly with interesting angles and pulling it out from walls a few inches. This will help create a more interesting space. Use plants in colorful planters or baskets to fill in empty spaces and add accents.

  • Show Time

    Keep good scents in the house, use potpourri, simmering pots or candles. Make sure all lights are on. Fresh flowers can be placed in various rooms. Make sure all the amenties are on for them to observe

We can help you prepare your home for a showing

Stage it Like A Pro

We all know how important first impressions are, and selling your home is no exception.

If you’re thinking of selling your home, use these 7 simple staging tips to make your home memorable and create a great impression.

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Online real estate market value tools are a great way to start planning the sale of your home

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