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Selling your home? Staging Like a Pro

We all know how important first impressions are, and selling your home is no exception. If you’re thinking of selling your home, use these 7 simple staging tips to make your home memorable and create a great impression.

  • Closets and cupboards

    Think people won’t peek? Think again! Storage is a main consideration for most home buyers, and they most certainly will be opening cupboards and closets for a look. Get your closets organized, and put out-of-season clothes away to create more room. Cupboards should be cleaned and organized.

  • Personal items and clutter

    Remove personal photos, knickknacks, mementos, and any dated items to help “de-personalize” your home. This is as much for your security as it is for presentation. You can either get a jumpstart on your packing, or simply tuck things away for showings. De-clutter as much as possible; not everyone will see your knickknacks in the same light you do.

  • Remove valuables, prescription medications, collectibles and breakables

    Put these items into storage or take them with you when you leave the house (where possible).

  • The nose knows

    Research has shown that the smell of fresh-baked bread or chocolate-chip cookies are appealing and comforting to people. Garlic, onions or fish, not so much. Refrain from cooking meals that may leave offensive odors close to a showing. Bake something yummy, or use subtle air fresheners. Keep the fresheners light – remember that people have allergies.

  • Fix it

    Make any small functional repairs you may have been putting off, like dripping taps, leaky faucets, sticky doors, etc.

  • Light it up

    Ensure things are well-lit with as much natural light as possible, or strategically-placed lamps throughout the home. Adding mirrors can help with light play as well, and make rooms feel more open.

  • Furniture

    Try rearranging your furniture slightly with interesting angles and pulling it out from walls a few inches. This will help create a more interesting space. Use plants in colorful planters or baskets to fill in empty spaces and add accents.

Following these 7 simple tips will help you put your home’s best foot forward, and create a great first impression every time for potential buyers.

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