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Make Sure You Know What to expect

Understand your and my role as your real estate agent.

First Steps

Once you have determined what you are looking for in a home, my job is then to find the ones that match your need. My first step will be set you up with the Multiple Listings Service (MLS). I will input your criteria into our system and link it to your email address. That way, the houses that match your needs that are listed in the market will be accessible, provided with their descriptions and sample photos. If the property interests you, all you need to then do is call me, and tell me which home/houses you like and when you’re available to view the property. I will take care of the setting up the appointments, and confirming them with you.

Once you are in the home, it is then up to you entirely. You need to look closely to determine if it really is the home you are looking for. I often tell my clients that it is usually impossible to find a home that will be “perfect”; however, you need to determine if any of the homes I take you to see have all the necessary ingredients to become your next home.

With each showing I will give you a detailed description of the home to add to this binder. You can use these description pages to easily compare the homes you have seen. Make sure you use the back to take notes. You will be surprised how quickly memories of the homes you’ve visited can get mixed up! You can also take videos to help you understand the layout of homes, these can also be helpful for other decision makers that can’t make the showing see how the home looks.

Make Sure you Understand

✅ Evaluate whether the house meets your needs and/or wants

✅ To educate you as far as market value

✅ Inform you as to comparable properties in terms of features and value

✅ Evaluate your home in terms of future resale opportunities

✅ Give an objective opinion as to condition of your home etc.

✅ Preview homes as needed

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